CODEstantine 2

Developers Conference

After a successful conference, one year later, CODEstantine 2 came around. The conference took place in the “Kupina” cinema, on May 12 and 13 in Niš. The number of sponsors increased and we were sponsored by Game Credits, Spartans Innovation, Mainstream, and Frame. It was an amazing experience for both organizers and participants with many entertaining spaces but also educational sessions.

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Aleksandar Milosavljević

CTO Mainstream

Aleksandar Milosavljević has almost 17 years of experience in IT. He worked in a few ISP companies and for almost 3 years he works in “Mainstream” company as a CTO and BDM. He was a professional volleyball player and he learned the importance of working in a team. He is a founder of the charity association “Center for Missing and Abused Children”. He is a leader and manager of many interesting projects.


We often forget that we are part of bigger systems which requires that all its parts work optimally in order to be optimal on its own. But, sometimes our responsibility is to predict some issues. We should analyze all technical elements and relations that are relevant for customer experience and the reputation of online solutions. This topic explained everything that matters

Dalibor Aleksov

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

Dalibor is an experienced backend developer. The main part of his career he spent in creating automatical frameworks tests in the financial department in Thomas Reutees. Currently, he works as a backend developer in Frame. His specialties are Cloud services, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.


What happens when you want to scale a cloud platform from 5 to 50,000 competing users? What software and hardware challenges do you face? The answers to these questions gave you Dalibor Aleksov.

Srđan Vranac

Chaos Tamer, Consultant, occasional Speaker with love of message brokers and workers

Srđan is a developer, engineer, consultant, mercenary (used to be known as freelancing).
He leads a small team that works on various projects ranging from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
He says that he writes terrible code that performs exceptionally and currently he is wrangling elePHPants and Pythons....
His interests are process automation, continuous integration and delivery, clean code, testing,
best practices and distributed systems.



For the last three years Srđan has been building, maintaining and fighting a few projects that make use of distributed computing, parallel processing, message brokers, queues and workers. This is one of those “from the trenches” talks, where he regaled you with tales about the series of unfortunate events that may happen as your application grows in complexity. Tales like disk space fluctuations, importance of logging, NoSql problems, restructuring your order of execution in code for performance gains, short sighted albeit logical architectural decisions that will cost you in the long run.


Milan Popović

Technical Director at Passendo

Milan Popovic is a PHP developer, founder of the “PHP Serbia” association, co-organizer of the “PHP Serbia” conference and “Laravel Belgrade” meetup. He works on counting OOP, designs patterns and he is a supporter of the TDD technique in software development.


Whether we want to admit it or not, it is an indisputable fact that most of the code we encounter is of unsatisfactory quality. It often seems to us that some developers have forgotten (or skipped during learning) the fundamental principles for writing good, easy-to-maintain code. Why is it so? How do we get developers to write bad code? In the lecture, you learned how to overcome all this and write code that is easy to maintain in the long run, ready to improve and implement new functionalities.

Vuk Spalajković

Technical Artist at Two Desperados

Vuk Spalajković is a graduated sculptor, 3D artist, and, he is a founder of an independent studio “Green Brick Games” for developing video games. As a 3D artist, he worked on several VR, realtime architecture visualizations, and video game projects using Maya, Zbrush, Unity, and UE4 tools in Endtimes Studio and Eixpix Entertainment.


The topic explained the process of inserting 3D models into the game engine and setup materials in a node-based system within Unity and UE4 for real-time presentation.

Petar Slović

Chief Innovation Officer at Quantox Technology

Petar is a frontend team leader n “Quantox”. He enjoys creating Web applications and experimenting with IoT projects. He organized NišJS meetup and spread the knowledge about JS. His priority is making a JS community and on open source projects.


JavaScript is probably the most popular programming language in the world. But it’s also the most misunderstood one. To programmers coming from backgrounds such as C++, C# or Java, JavaScript is very strange. Let’s try to shine some light on both the good and bad parts of JavaScript, so we can learn to use it and get the most out of it.

Sara Mirković

Growth and content marketing menager

Sara has many years of experience in digital and startup marketing. Ske spent two years in Silicon Valley where she finished her Master’s studies in International Marketing. Now, she is helping in organizing the marketing community in Belgrade and Novi Sad.


This was a perfect topic for all of those who are running their own startup business or want to have one in the future. Sara presented how do work and learning operate together, where you can find innovative ideas and why you have to have experience in a startup at least once in life.

Đurađ Caranović

Behavioral Economists

Đurađ is an experienced financial expert, speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur. He workes in successful companies as Adidas and Ernst&Young. He is a founder of the company “My garden” which provides organic food. Currently, he works as a business consultant in Fundus Consulting.


Is entrepreneurship just a myth? Đurađ talked about his mistakes and the most common failures, how they strengthen him or how did they have a negative influence on his work. Life coaching topic and very informative.


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