Distributed Domain Destruction

Adventures in building distributed systems

Srđan Vranac

Chaos Tamer, Consultant and occasional Speaker

For the last three years Srđan has been building, maintaining and fighting a few projects that make use of distributed computing, parallel processing, message brokers, queues and workers.
This is one of those “from the trenches” talks, where he regaled you with tales about the series of unfortunate events that may happen as your application grows in complexity. Tales like disk space fluctuations, importance of logging, NoSql problems, restructuring your order of execution in code for performance gains, short sighted albeit logical architectural decisions that will cost you in the long run.

Srđan Vranac

Chaos Tamer, Consultant and occasional Speaker

Srđan is a developer, engineer, consultant, mercenary (used to be known as freelancing).
He leads a small team that works on various projects ranging from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
He says that he writes terrible code that performs exceptionally and currently he is wrangling elePHPants and Pythons….
His interests are process automation, continuous integration and delivery, clean code, testing, best practices and distributed systems.

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