CODEstantine 3

Developers Conference

CODEstantine 3 was successfully held on April 27 and 28 in the “New City” hotel in Niš. The first day was about experiences, successes, and challenges in the IT world, and the second day was about technologies. Sponsors were Game Credits, Product Hive, Mainstream, Cofound.it and Enjoy.ing.

8 Speakers and topics

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Aleksandar Simović

Senior Software Engineer

Aleksandar is mostly focused on serverless and its significant impacts in the software development world, also chatbots, voice assistants, web apps. He primarily develps with JavaScript, Node.js, Swift and occasionally Rust.


Don’t use force! Serverless has made its stand. It attracts us with its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, removal of server responsibilities, and scaling issues. But the path is slippery and you can easily fall to the dark side and bring back all the monoliths and make it even worse! This talk briefly explained serverless and its migration problems. Comparing to Luke Skywalker’s path from episodes IV, V, and VI, it was discovered what mistakes you can make when going serverless, how easy is it to fall into the trap, and how to avoid them in the first place.

Nikola Divić

CTO at GameCredits

Nikola is a software engineer and an aspiring entrepreneur. He worked on the GameCredits cryptocurrency and as a full stack and a back-end developer on various products and services inside the GameCredits ecosystem, using Python, Javascript. He is a blockchain enthusiast and a cryptocurrency investor and one of the first blockchain developers in Serbia.


A very popular title in many job commercials in the few past years. But, what is a blockchain developer is not very well defined because it can cover many different technologies. In this speech, you could’ve heard about every specific dimension of blockchain development, fields that should be focus for every developer from maths to programming languages.

Aleksandar Milosavljević

Head of BDM at Mainstream

Aleksandar had success in providing customer care service, doing business development and sales, providing IT consulting, doing project management and operations management, and most of all working and sharing of what he learned in working with people - people management.


What is GDPR? What is important to know about it? What are the biggest challenges in the company and the main steps to improve working with customers? How is IT connected with those steps and how it plays the main role in responsibility? The topic was very educational and entertaining

Dušan Đorđević

IT Consultant

Dusan is a consultant with over 20 years of experience. He works on several big projects of migration on Cloud (Amazon AWS, OpenStack) in several European companies. He is the founder of Selected Green, DevOps, and Cloud consultancy agency in Ireland.


Have you ever heard about containers? Our speaker explained everything about them at CODEstantine 3 conference. He explained how they work and how to make an app divided into different containers. He mentioned Docker and Kubernetes as the most popular implementations.

Nemanja Čedomirović

CEO GrowIT in a Nutshell

Nemanja is a Co-Founder of the largest programming community on Balkans - PHP Serbia. He successfuly facilitates teams of 30+ people and organize international tech meetups and conferences.


In the era of big economic changes, the only way to protect yourself is to invest in yourself. This fast-moving world, pushing us every day and we constantly need to learn new stuff. In the workplace, this is particularly important. We are in an age where we need to move from “knowledge workers” (knowing stuff) to “learning workers” (learning new stuff). In this talk, you could’ve seen how organizations can support continuous learning at work, but also how we as individuals can improve ourselves every day

Robert Bašić

Software developer

Robert is a software engineer who helps businesses grow by translating business rules and decisions to fast, stable and secure web applications. He specialized in testing and modernizing legacy applications and have experience in leading developer teams and doing code reviews. He worked with PHP, JavaScript, Python, Golang, Bash, VimL, C, C++/QT/PyQT, HTML, CSS. He has used databases such as MySQL, PostregSQL, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB, SQLite.


What is Open Source? Why do people contribute to Open Source? How to find an Open source project on GitHub that needs your help? What could be a danger zone and how to avoid it? Robert gave answers to those questions and many more that are helpful in this area.

Temelko Dechev

CEO at ExpandX

Temelko is an Entrepreneur, Owner and CEO of ExpandX Marketing & Web, Partner in Goldies Media Group and Expert in Consilience Ventures. Temelko has extensive international business experience gained over the past 13 years. Prior to founding ExpandX Marketing & Web, Temelko was Sales and Business Development Manager at one of the largest real estate companies in the UK, Martin & Co Group. Temelko was also involved in the global expansion activities of OSM International Group as Business Development and Marketing Manager.


Strategies, strategies, strategies! How does it look like when you have great sale skill and is it the art? How to win in business and not get lost in so many strategies? One of the most important things is: DO BUSINESS WITH PASSION. What are the others?

Nebojša Miletić

Associate Director of Engineering

Nebojsa thrives building empowered product development teams and solving challenging business and technical problems. He has led and built cross-functional teams (40+) handling multi-billion business-critical domains and transitioned from legacy to modern architectures.


This topic gave answers to many questions about engineering management. What is an engineering manager, how to build and lead engineering teams, how to trust that someone else can develop as you can, probably better? How to shape organizational culture in a company? Where you can find the best education?


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