Aleksandar Milosavljević

CTO Mainstream

Aleksandar Milosavljević has almost 17 years of experience in IT. He worked in a few ISP companies and for almost 3 years he works in “Mainstream” company as a CTO and BDM. He was a professional volleyball player and he learned the importance of working in a team. He is a founder of the charity association “Center for Missing and Abused Children”. He is a leader and manager of many interesting projects.

Uptime, availability and TCO (total cost of ownership)

We often forget that we are part of bigger systems which requires that all its parts work optimally in order to be optimal on its own. But, sometimes our responsibility is to predict some issues. We should analyze all technical elements and relations that are relevant for customer experience and the reputation of online solutions. This topic explained everything that matters

GDPR and Dev: As far as I am concerned and tech challenges

What is GDPR? What is important to know about it? What are the biggest challenges in the company and the main steps to improve working with customers? How is IT connected with those steps and how it plays the main role in responsibility? The topic was very educational and entertaining


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