Good code is worth gold

Milan Popović

Technical Director at Passendo

Whether we want to admit it or not, it is an indisputable fact that most of the code we encounter is of unsatisfactory quality.

It often seems to us that some developers have forgotten (or skipped during learning) the fundamental principles for writing good, easy-to-maintain code.

Why is it so? How do we get developers to write bad code?

In the lecture, you learned how to overcome all this and write code that is easy to maintain in the long run, ready to improve, and implement new functionalities.

Milan Popović

Technical Director at Passendo

Milan Popovic is a PHP developer, founder of the “PHP Serbia” association, co-organizer of the “PHP Serbia” conference and “Laravel Belgrade” meetup.

He works on counting OOP, designs patterns and he is a supporter of the TDD technique in software development.

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