The future of frontend: Web2 vs Web3, WebAssembly and above

Vladan Jocić

Full Stack Developer at MVP Workshop

About Vladan

Vladan has been a part of the Tech Industry for more then 20 years, either as a Frontend or Backend developer, Mobile developer or system administrator, even as designer and 3D artist. He was involved in many commercial and open source projects based on technologies like blockchain and web3, IOT (Internet Of Things), embedding systems, etc. Currently, his main focus is on frontend, especially web3 and WebAssembly and other cutting edge technologies that are waiting for us around the corner.

Talk Description

From its beginnings, the internet has grown to the stratospheric heights and has become an indispensable part of our lives. We’ll briefly go through the history of the web, what the web represents today and what the future of the decentralized web brings to the table. Last but not least, we’re going to have a quick get to know w/ web3, its implementation, advantages and shortcoming, and how WebAssembly fit there.

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