Demystifying the blockchain, an introduction to Ethereum

Viktor Majstorović

Software Engineer at Tenderly

About Viktor

Viktor Majstorović, from an award-winning student and scholarship holder of the Faculty of Computer Science in Belgrade, to the first employed backend engineer in Tenderly.
When you ask colleagues, their first association is that Viktor is a person who has gone through the development of almost every feature of the Tenderly App. Today, he is in the core team, where together with his colleagues he contributes to the further growth of the platform.

Talk Description

Crypto has been a hot topic for a couple years, and though a lot of people are involved with it, general knowledge of the underlaying technology is sparse. We’ll delve into the basic (and slightly-more-advanced) concepts of the Ethereum blockchain to answer questions such as:
Why is it important?
What are transactions?
How is the data stored?
What are smart contracts?
… and more, so if any of this sounds interesting, grab a seat!

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