Temelko Dechev

CEO at ExpandX

Temelko is an Entrepreneur, Owner and CEO of ExpandX Marketing & Web, Partner in Goldies Media Group and Expert in Consilience Ventures. Temelko has extensive international business experience gained over the past 13 years. Prior to founding ExpandX Marketing & Web, Temelko was Sales and Business Development Manager at one of the largest real estate companies in the UK, Martin & Co Group. Temelko was also involved in the global expansion activities of OSM International Group as Business Development and Marketing Manager.

Strategic Business Development: How to make your first $1 million? And not lose it!

Strategies, strategies, strategies! How does it look like when you have great sale skill and is it the art? How to win in business and not get lost in so many strategies? One of the most important things is: DO BUSINESS WITH PASSION. What are the others?


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