Dalibor Aleksov

Staff Engineer Nutanix Frame @ Nutanix

Dalibor is a Staff Engineer at Nutanix, and for the largest part of his career he has been working on Desktop-as-a-Service platform - Frame. Dalibor joined in 2014 as one of the first Engineers in the team. He is a specialist in building secure, robust and highly scalable distributed systems. Dalibor has unique insights into small intricacies of how Public Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure work under the hub. On Codestantine he will share his knowledge of how to Architect a robust distributed system in Python.

Architecting robust distributed system in Python

Frame is operating as a complex distributed system, architect-ed from the bottom up to be scalable and anti-fragile. This is a story on how Nutanix used hybrid Actor based model to make the Frame platform robust and fault tolerant.

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