Tihomir Bajic is a serial product builder and is passionate about tools that help people work smarter. Prior to LTSE, he served as the CTO at Nitro, a smart document productivity company. In 2008, Tiho was a founding engineer at Rypple, a social performance management platform later acquired by Salesforce. He earned his Hon B.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Toronto.


Key Talk Points:

3 largest misconceptions of using the Lean Startup methodology

The biggest issues Serbian startups have

The programmer role in company development

Tihomir joined Eric Ries 5 years ago as VP Engineering and lead the creation and development of the new US stock market using Eric’s Lean Startup methodology. The stock market is up since 2016 and during this time Tihomir also launched Serbian Entrepreneurs. He has also been an angel investor to a large number startups. Using many examples based on his experience as VPE, CTO, investor and now CEO Tiho will point out how can developers benefit from practicing Lean Startup methodology.