Nikolay Stoitsev

Engineering Manager @ HALO Diagnostics

Nikolay Stoitsev is an engineering manager at the early stage HealthTech startup Halo DX. He is leading a team that is reimagining the software systems for medical diagnostics to improve human health and well-being. 

He was a software engineer at Uber for 4 years where he worked on building scalable and fault-tolerant backend distributed systems. 


NewSQL combines the ACID transactions from relational databases with the scale and increased availability of NoSQL

Many interesting approaches are used to achieve this – timestamp ordering, decentralized MVCC, TrueTime, and many more

There are three types of NewSQL systems – databases with novel architecture, middlewares, and managed cloud databases

The database is usually the heart of a software system. And there are many database technologies that we can pick from. In this talk, we’ll explore where RDBMS and NoSQL fall short and how NewSQL fills the gap. We’ll see what types of NewSQL databases exist and how they work. And we’ll also go over different NewSQL solutions that we can pick for our projects. By the end of the talk, we’ll have a good understanding of when and how to apply a NewSQL database in our big scale applications.