Nikola Markovic is an IT professional with over 20 years of versatile experience in the local and international market. His focus has been on managed services, IaaS, private and public cloud, consulting, and support. As an AWS and Google Cloud certified architect, he is always curious to explore more about the immense possibilities and opportunities cloud has to offer to businesses – from startups to enterprise.


Get the first-hand experience from a renowned cloud expert about public cloud cost optimization and locally relevant issues. Nikola Markovic, Mainstream CTO, shares actionable tips on how to avoid and overcome 3 most frequent public cloud challenges. Let’s crack the public cloud cost optimization topic wide open. When designing a cloud architecture for your software, you expect for it to result in overall cost decrease and efficiency increase. This won’t be the case if you stumble upon these common challenges of public cloud infrastructure design:

Challenge 1: Cloud infrastructure is inadequately too big

Challenge 2: Cloud costs are unpredictable and non-transparent

Challenge 3: Public cloud vendor choice multi-cloud experiment gone wrong

Add a few issues Serbian companies frequently must deal with, such as those related to public cloud invoices, credit cards payments or withholding tax, and you get yourself a situation which can affect your business at a serious scale. This 30-minute session with a dedicated Q/A at the end, will provide you with models for overcoming these challenges. Apart from being an expert, Nikola is also an amazing guy to chat with, so we are encouraging you to join the discussion and share your questions and/or experiences on the subject!