Alex has 13+ years of experience in CyberSecurity as SMB and Enterprise channel partner manager with MxLogic, McAfee, and Intel. He was responsible for launching and managing Intel Security and McAfee SaaS and security services platforms at Fortune 100 Tech Data. 

He is a Co-Founder and CEO of PreCog Security Inc providing cybersecurity risk mitigation and vulnerability assessment services for startups, SMBs and large orgs.


DevSecOps model is gaining popularity with over 54% security professionals becoming part of cross-functional development/ operational teams (GitLab survey).  Security testing is essential in their day to day contributions to application development. Learn what are the security testing tools available and best way to leverage them.

At this talk, you will learn about adopting DevSecOps model in Software Development Lifecycle and role of different security tests:

SAST (Static Application Security Testing) , DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing), and

Penetration Testing (black box and white box)