Building Startups: Love, Hate and Overcoming Challenges

Nikola Cvetković

Founder & CEO at Product Hive

Founder at Emitto.io

Founder at MotionOps

About Nikola

Nikola is a founder of a digital agency Product Hive. For the past few years, he has founded and built two startups: Emitto.io, a Messaging Marketing platform, and MotionOps, a platform for home-service businesses. He is also a founder of No Limit Hub, the largest tech & startup community organization in the South of Serbia, and the team that organizes CODEstantine conference.

Talk Description

Building Startup Products comes with a ton of challenges, but also brings fruitful rewards and experiences as well.
We’ll talk about the real-life technical hurdles we encountered in the last couple of years working on 2 internal startup products Emitto.io & MotionOps.com.
The stuff you expect, will happen. The stuff you don’t expect, will happen.In this talk, we’ll touch on:
– How we fight spammers and hackers of various kind,
– Infrastructure challenges to support huge peaks of traffic vs 99% of Idle time,
– Log organization and management,
– How we monitor the performance of the systems
– Lessons learned from the first product that we’re now trying not to make in the second one
– Why PHP/Laravel is still the Sh*t in 2022.
– Why React and TypeScript are the best. I won’t talk about it, you already know that. 🙂

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