Microservices with Python: Todays startups - from zero to product using FastApi

Nenad Pavlović

Senior Python Developer at QCerris

About Nenad

Python backend developer at Qcerris, working on projects that use microservices, 3rd party software integration and web application backend development using RestAPI’s. After working as software developer for one of the biggest Banking and ATMs company in the world for several years and gaining experience in application architecture development, he settled down to work with smaller teams and implement modern technologies and frameworks. Passionate about music and nature, full time hire as father and husband, loves to share knowledge and helps others.

Talk Description

Modern services are looking for fast and less complex solutions with the use of as few resources and as little code as possible. This is achieved by transitioning to Fast API, which allows for developing of microservices with a wide usage, from enhancing already existing applications, all the way to making completely new applications. We will talk about the pros and cons of microservices, along with the time needed for developing different levels of their complexity.

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