Learning multiple programming languages

Nemanja Tojagić

Principal Engineer at LearnUpon

About Nemanja

Nemanja is a Principal Software Engineer in LearnUpon, working in the Application Security team. He has been working in LearnUpon for 3 years now and this is the first company where he’s worked in Ruby on Rails – he worked as a PHP developer before joining LU. He is devoted to clean code and attaches a lot of importance to code and app security. In his free time, he enjoys learning about new technologies and industry standards.

Talk Description

Are you thinking of learning a new programming language? Are you worried you’ll no longer be considered a Senior Software Engineer if you make the switch? We’re here to help!

Join Nemanja Tojagic, Principal Software Engineer at LearnUpon, as he shares his experience of learning a new programming language, and discusses how switching can benefit both software engineers and the companies they work for, even if those companies only use one programming language.

Join this session to:
– Understand the pros and cons of learning new programming languages
– Get tips on how to manage the transition
– Hear Nemanja’s experience of moving from PHP to Ruby

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