Use scrum as an ally to improve quality - frontend edition

Mladen Stojanović

Software Engineer at Florence Healthcare

About Mladen

Mladen is a software engineer at Florence Healthcare and he is currently working on an awesome product that helps to drive down the time needed to deliver medical cures to those who need them. He has previously worked on large projects for some of the biggest European companies in media and insurance. Javascript is his language of choice, and he has experience working in all areas of web development, but frontend is his stronger side. Web performance is something he really likes to research about, and on that note his latest interests come in form of JAMSTACK architecture.

Talk Description

Find out how to think about the long term quality of your frontend app through the lens of processes, and how you can use your scrum team to help you drive quality improvements and enable your project for all the hot topics such as CI/CD and TDD.

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