Dynamic infrastructure and feature environments

Miloš Jovanović

VP of Engineering, Plaky at COING

About Miloš

Milos Jovanovic is a software enthusiast, with 15 years of experience in enterprise and SaaS software development, which culminated with the Plaky project where he currently acts as the VP of Engineering.
He loves home decorating, clean code, and his beautiful and smart wife and daughters.

Talk Description

Products that serve a worldwide audience require a reliable output to keep up with a large number of features and improvements needed on a regular basis. Various tactics and organizational styles can help us along the way, such as Kanban methodology, Git Flow, TDD, or executable documentation. Today, we’ll talk about ways to leverage containerization in order to achieve parallelism in the development, testing, acceptance, and release phases, leading to a reliable and predictable schedule.

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