Compiling and Bundling JavaScript, the Painless Way

Michele Riva

Senior Architect at NearForm

Book Author

International Speaker

Google GDE & Microsoft MVP

About Michele

Michele a passionate and experienced software architect, Google GDE, and Microsoft MVP from Milan, Italy.
He’s worked as a software engineer and architect for almost ten years in product and consultancy companies, taking the best from both worlds.
In 2022, He’s published his first book, “Real-World Next.js,” where he talks about the web framework that changed forever the way we build web applications.
He’s currently working as a Senior Software Architect in NearForm while contributing to many open-source projects in different languages (TypeScript, Haskell, Golang), writing technical articles, and speaking to many international conferences.

Talk Description

In the last years, the JavaScript ecosystem has grown exponentially.
With it, many different compilers and build systems came to life to compete to reach the best possible performances, better stability, and compatibility with the language features.
While five years ago, we had a few choices for compiling and bundling JavaScript (for either client or server), today, we have many good alternatives. ESBuild, SWC, Vite, WebPack… what are the differences between those tools? How do I choose the right one for my project?
What can we predict about the future of the JavaScript ecosystem?

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