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Jovana Milosavljević

Full-stack programer @ Aptar

About Jovana

Jovana is a full-stack developer at Aptar, with a couple of years of experience in multiple domains and companies. Before that, she was working as a freelance digital marketer, and lately has been writing blogs for the HelloWorld community, with the idea to help juniors around in the IT world.

Jovana Milosavljević

Talk Description

You are a junior developer looking for the first job opportunity, knowledge, and experience,  but you don’t know how to start? If you want the right guidance join our Junior Corner and find the answers to the questions:

  1. Why is it very important to sort out expectations and monitor the market?
  2. How to get to the first job?
  3. What are the common mistakes while searching for the first job?
  4. How to choose the company you want to work for?
  5. Why the senior who returns your PR is not your enemy?
  6. How to get to a mid-level (and even senior) position?
  7. Why finances must not be the initial thought in the first few years for any business move?

Jovana is here to consult and teach you something new.

You will talk about the first jobs and values ​​that should be extracted from the first projects (which are not thrown into the water), the learning/earning curve, pull requests and their importance, reading documentation, private projects, and why all this is important to a junior developer.

You will also chat about the changes in the tech stack, how to cope, fears and feelings of burnout, and how to handle it all nicely, and get the most normal, healthy, and ready from every stage of your (new) programming life.

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