I Code, I Pollute

Ivan Senić

Engineer at DataStax

Co-founder at Midiaid

Co-founder at PlainlyVideos

About Ivan

Ivan is a senior software engineer at DataStax, where he is building an open-source data gateway, helping you and dozens of other developers to easily manipulate data stored in an Apache Cassandra database. During his career, Ivan worked on projects in different domains, often focusing on application performance. He is committed to open-source. He is an entrepreneur at heart and has already bootstrapped two startups. Ivan received his M.Sc. in Software Technology from Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences.

Talk Description

The carbon footprint of the Information and Communication Technology sector is already bigger than the amount produced by the airline industry globally. And it’s increasing every year. “If the Internet was a country, it would be the 7th largest polluter”, states the Sustainable Web Manifesto. By doing our everyday jobs, we are effectively polluting the planet. Software engineers and developers need to be aware of this rising issue and change their habits. This talk will present several tips on how you can code and produce software with greenhouse emissions in mind.

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