Isolated Components Driven Development

Andrei Pfeiffer

 Eclectic Code Designer

About Andrei

Andrei is an eclectic code designer, developing websites and web apps since 2000 and went through all the stages of web development, from HTML3/jQuery to HTML5/ES6+/TS and beyond. He currently works as a UI Engineer, switching between web and mobile.

His everyday battles revolve around Clean Code Design, User & Developer Experience, UI Interaction & Design, and fighting software entropy through constant Refactoring, Code Reviews, Unit Tests, and Team Collaboration. Andrei is highly involved in the tech community, being a co-organizer of the revo.js conference and tim.js meetup.

Talk Description

This talk describes the challenges of developing UIs that are integrated with complex external APIs. Using tools such as React Styleguidist or Storybook eliminate the need for an integration, enabling us to develop components in isolation, outside our application. This technique enables us more flexibility during development and debugging, while also providing a living documentation for our UI components.

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