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As the 2020th year was very specific and working online became mainstream, CODEstantine conference kept up with everyday changes in the world. We have not been stopped in our intentions to realize the biggest conference for developers in South of Serbia. The concept of the conference was the same, but we were fully remote.

Not Just Another Zoom Conference

Full-on Conference Experience. No Set Backs.

Streaming Platform Stage
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The main stage was the central part of the conference. You could have heard interesting topics in the tech industry from well-known experts. New ideas, the most popular trends in the IT world, amazing stories were disseminated on our stage. The discussion was held through comments, polls, chats, and live appearances on the stage.


Networking with other participants, hosts, and speakers was not just a myth. Sharing experience, asking and answering questions, learning from each other was also possible from the comfort of your own home. Just one click and you could’ve chatted with everyone willing to.


Expo Area was the perfect place where you could make a contact with the company representatives and see what is the main business area and activity of each company. Expo was a great opportunity to hear what was the biggest problems and challenges that shot companies and their workers.

Tihomir Bajić

CEO at LTSE Sowtware

Tihomir lead the creation and development of the new US stock market using Eric’s Lean Startup methodology. The stock market is up since 2016 and during this time Tihomir also launched Serbian Entrepreneurs. He has also been an angel investor to a large number startups.


The topic explains 3 largest misconceptions of using the Lean Startup methodology, the biggest issues Serbian startups have, as well as, the programmer role in company development. Using many examples based on his experience as VPE, CTO, investor and now CEO it was pointed out how can developers benefit from practicing Lean Startup methodology.

Nikola Marković

CTO at Mainstream

Nikola is an IT professional with over 20 years of versatile experience in the local and international market. His focus has been on managed services, IaaS, private and public cloud, consulting, and support. As an AWS and Google Cloud certified architect, he is always curious to explore more about the immense possibilities and opportunities cloud has to offer to businesses – from startups to enterprise.


Actionable tips on how to avoid and overcome 3 most frequent public cloud challenges:
Challenge 1: Cloud infrastructure is inadequately too big
Challenge 2: Cloud costs are unpredictable and non-transparent
Challenge 3: Public cloud vendor choice multi-cloud experiment gone wrong

Alex Paunic

CEO at PreCog Security Inc

Alex has 13+ years of experience in CyberSecurity as SMB and Enterprise channel partner manager with MxLogic, McAfee and Intel. He was responsible for launching and managing Intel Security and McAfee SaaS and security services platforms at Fortune 100 Tech Data. He is a co-founder and CEO of @precogsecurity providing cybersecurity risk mitigation and vulnerability assessment services for startups, SMBs and large orgs.


What are the security testing tools available and best way to leverage them? Adopting DevSecOps model in Software Development Lifecycle and role of different security tests such as: SAST (Static Application Security Testing) , DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) and Penetration Testing (black box and white box)

Nikolay Stoitsev

Engineering Manager at HALO Diagnostics

Nikolay is an engineering manager at the early stage HealthTech startup HaloDX. He is leading a team that is reimagining the software systems for medical diagnostics to improve human health and well-being. Nikolay has an obsession with building great teams and software products. He was previously at Uber, VMware, and different startups.


Where RDBMS and NoSQL fall short and how NewSQL fills the gap? What types of NewSQL databases exist and how they work different NewSQL solutions that we can pick for our projects? Those are just the main questions that were disscused about during the session.


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