Dušan Đorđević

IT Consultant

Dusan is a consultant with over 20 years of experience. He works on several big projects of migration on Cloud (Amazon AWS, OpenStack) in several European companies. He is the founder of Selected Green, DevOps, and Cloud consultancy agency in Ireland.

Containers - Hands-on

Have you ever heard about containers? Our speaker explained everything about them at CODEstantine 3 conference. He explained how they work and how to make an app divided into different containers. He mentioned Docker and Kubernetes as the most popular implementations.

Continuous Integration / Continuous delivery 101

Software deployment was historically big problem in computing. We all heard “It works on my desktop” from developers. And it was extremely hard to make CI/CD pipelines in such environment. Containers as technology and Docker as de-facto standard simplified all of this. This 4 hours workshop aims to help you understand what Docker is and how to do basics.


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