Dejan Dimić

Engineering Manager – Experimentation Platform at Glovo

Dejan is a master of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with more than 20 years working in the IT industry. He started as a software developer and then evolved passing from Software Manager, Head of Development, Director of Engineering to Vice President of Engineering. He is a passionate code writer, Agile advocate, OSS, and developers groups contributor.

JavaScript - The key IoT ingredient

The real value of IoT applications comes from analyzing data from multiple sensors and making decisions based on this data.
Across industries, fundamental cultural and organizational shifts will be required to implement IoT and develop the skills needed for data-driven decision-making.
JavaScript community is one of the most active and growing one. As it is used in almost all domains nowadays JavaScript becomes “lingua franca” in modern software development.
Based on today’s JavaScript usage, tools and frameworks there will be no IoT solution that will not be JavaScript based in some shape of form.


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