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Bratislav Dimitrov

Delivery Director at Vicert

About Bratislav

Bratislav is currently a Delivery Director in Vicert where his main focus is project management, team management, setting up the small company for growth, and leading Delivery Managers to greatness.
Braca started as a Developer in fintech. His focus was on clients’ needs, and back then he had less focus on technology. Then, Braca received an interesting offer and he became a Team Lead in Comtrade. His great results moved him to the Project Management role. He moved his focus more on tech, team leadership, and customer relations. After five long years, Braca became a Team Lead and Line Manager for two product teams. Secondly, his job was to set up development teams in the company. It was an international environment, so Bratislav worked with people from Sweden, India, and Serbia.
Parallel to this, he is a regular lecturer on CET, focusing on MS SQL Server and other MS technologies as well as teaching three courses on RAF. Teaching remains one of his great passions. He is a Certified Scrum Master and Product owner, with great interest in product and service development and improvement of the development process in different environments.


Talk Description

Have you ever thought about a project, product, or outsourcing company, what that truly means? Do these companies have something similar? What do Developers think about that? What about the workflow, challenges, and duties? What drives you the most? All the time we are talking about Agile methodology, patterns, SOLID principles, but what about that human – that DEVELOPER who is willing to write a code for eight hours? How does she/he/they feel? How do you know what to choose? What is best for you? How do you understand this distinction? Are you feeling lost in a thousand Recruiter messages? 🙂 If you want to find out what are the differences between these organizations, what would be your main duties, how to find your inner drive, our Delivery Director will try to help you in this cosmos without the end of questions and answers.

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