Zoran Milosavljević

Advanced SW Technologies & QA Technical Lead @ Avisto

Zoran Milosavljević graduated from University of Nis, Faculty of Electronics. His area of interest is software development in test as well as advanced software technologies. He started his career abroad and continued in Avisto Eastern Europe where he leads the domain "Advanced Software Technologies and Quality Assurance" working for world's top technical companies in the area of software and hardware.

Computer Vision Aided 2D Motion Sequence Test Supervision

During testing which requires motion of some HW device, when the test fails it is often not clear if the reason is the error in the HW/SW of the device under test, or if the motion was not performed correctly. To address this, we developed SW which uses a camera and computer vision algorithms to monitor motion of the device under test. We will present the algorithm and the theory behind it together with some examples. The SW is written in C++ and is based on the publicly available free OpenCV library.