Rastko Vasiljević

AWS Solution Architect @ SuperAdmins

Rastko Vasiljevic is an experienced AWS Solution Architect (Associate) and Linux System Engineer. In the past four years, he’s been leading AWS dedicated team of Belgrade-based company SuperAdmins, managing projects for clients from several continents. His valuable international experience and knowledge about cloud computing spreads from cost optimization to security and DevOps. Rastko gladly shares his first-hand learnings by participating at conferences in Serbia and the region and writing educational content for SuperAdmins’ blog.

Cost Management in AWS

Getting started with AWS is really easy and just a few clicks away – as with any service today. The ability to create resources and provision them within minutes is a great advantage in today’s fast paced IT world, however because of this flexibility, the AWS bill can be quite a surprise. With AWS’s complex pricing system it’s not always possible to predict the monthly cost. With this in mind, the AWS account can’t be left unmanaged and uncontrolled. Because of this – the way companies approach AWS Cost Management has moved to a new collaboration between the finance and operations departments where both parties need the knowledge on how to AWS Pricing works and how to efficiently manage the cost on AWS using everything AWS has to offer. This expert session will give you an useful insight on how to set grounds for proper cost control and billing optimisation on AWS, which is valuable for your entire company.