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We Made Tech Spicy

in Belgrade

From innovations to inspiring talks, we’ve had unforgettable moments over the years. In April, we held our first-ever conference in Belgrade, and it was a memorable experience.

Our two stages dedicated to learning and development provided valuable insights into the latest trends and techniques.

Attendees could also network with peers and forge new relationships that could shape their careers.

Two Stages

Centurion Stage

Tribune Stage

Meet the Speakers Who Made This Year Great

CODEstantine 7 Speakers

Dominika Zając

Software Engineer at Qualtrics

How to Make the Internet Accessible for Everyone

The Internet is an awesome place where everyone can find interesting materials for them. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget some people cannot use it the same way as most of us – e.g. people with vision, motion, or cognitive disabilities. Why is accessibility so unpopular among developers? I believe it’s not because of bad will – we often don’t understand our users’ problems. It’s why I want to show some tricks to better understand users with disabilities, talk about the most popular mistakes (and fixes for them), and improvements you can include in your development process to avoid accessibility problems in the future.

Carlos Salas

Head of Platform Engineering at NordLayer

How to keep your Organization safe with Zero Trust Network Access

Once upon a time (a few years ago, to be precise) network architecture was made in a bunker-style way. But when the pandemic happened, all preconceived ideas of cybersecurity were thrown through the window. Suddenly the need for keeping business as usual was even greater than keeping things safe. Bad practices arose and little by little that “bunker” had to be dismantled in one way or another. Now that the dust settled, we realized that: Flexibility - often a shunned upon term - is now a must have. Network Perimeters are more dynamic than ever. And with these new realities, comes new challenges.

Ana-Maria Mihalceanu

Sr. Developer Advocate at Oracle

A Glance at The Java Performance

What’s the first step to improving performance? Is it tuning the garbage collector? Writing clean(er) code?
No, the first step is understanding what’s going on in your application! Performance tuning starts with analysis, and JDK tools can help you gain insights on classes and threads and can perform live GC analysis or heap dump postprocessing: jcmd, jconsole, jstat, jmap and jfr. We’ll examine the functional visibility areas essential to Java and how these tools provide that information. Moreover, will discuss options on how to integrate information gathered from these tools with widespread monitoring systems like Prometheus.After this talk, you will be ready to understand what your application spends time on and why so you can start improving its performance with complete information

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Paolo Insogna

Node.js Core Member & Staff Developer Experience Engineer at Nearform

A Tale of Avoiding a Time-Based DDOS Attack In Node.js

Web applications are commonly vulnerable to several Distributed Denial of Service attacks, sometimes in unexpected ways. An example is the SlowLoris attack, an exploit that leads to service interruption by simply sending the data to the server as slowest as possible.
In this talk I will tell the tale of how it took almost 13 years for Node to be completely protected by SlowLoris attack. I will also show that sometimes prioritizing performance can lead to incorrect fixes that can result in a false sense of protection.

Mohammed Aboullaite

Sr. Developer Advocate at Spotify

From Docker’fail to Dockerfile

“The devil is in the details” is the way I like to describe how simple yet powerful, Dockerfiles are. There are different ways of accomplishing the same thing, yet few of those routes implement good practices, and we often end up shooting ourselves in the foot.
Dockerfiles are also maintained by both Dev and Ops (shared responsibility == no responsibility!), which leads to constant debate and struggle over tooling, security, release process.
In this session we compiled 10 horror Dockerfiles don’ts, a.k.a “Dockerfails”. To end on an optimist note, we will showcase the maximum good practices in some populare CI/CD tools (github/gitlab/jenkins) with a touch of GitOps.

Nadia Makarevich

Frontend Architect, Founding Engineer at Pyn, ex Atlassian, Jira

Let’s Talk about Re-renders

React is a fantastic tool to implement complicated applications fast, we all know it. But are they going to be fast when implemented fast? Let’s talk about re-renders and their danger in react: how easy it is to make a mistake, why some small mistakes can have a huge downstream effect, and how to avoid and prevent them.
This is a deep-dive type of talk, that focuses on why React components re-render, what kind of performance impact it can have, and what to do about it.

Branislav Milojković

Tech Talent Development at Tenderly

Blockchain Development Is Tricky. Explaining Why It Is Tricky Is Tricky. Here’s Why.

If you have ever read an article on the blockchain you have probably noticed that it can be a difficult field to get into. Understanding the issues that blockchain developers face is a whole other bag of scary. We will try to tackle this topic by looking at some fundamental elements of blockchain systems and using them to shine a light on some difficulties that developers regularly face. At Tenderly we are faced with the uncommon challenge of onboarding developers and non-developers alike simply because our product is in a high-tech field. We will reveal how we approach that challenge, and talk a lot about nitty-gritty blockchain stuff along the way.

Aleksandar Bukvić

Senior Software Developer at Happiest Baby

The IoT Magic
Behind World’s
Safest Bassinet

IoT has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. It’s application in the field of infant care resulted in a breakthrough product that has taken the world by storm: the SNOO bassinet. SNOO utilizes IoT sensors and algorithms to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for infants.


During this presentation, we will explore different IoT components of the SNOO ecosystem and how they interact in order to create a secure sleeping environment for infants. These components include provisioning, OTA updates, MQTT operations for control, presence tracking, and more. By delving into the functionality of each component and how they work together, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the sophisticated technology behind the SNOO.

Mladen Subašić​

VP of Product and Inovation at OIP Robotics

The Case for AI in

InsurTech is disturbing a very traditional industry. The talk is about applying the right technology to the right use case, as well as innovating in highly regulated markets. It focuses on AI technology use cases and best practices in the FinTech and InsurTech areas. The takeaways are the ways you can perform and succeed using bleeding-edge tech in risk-averse markets.

Vuk Marković

Software Engineer at EPAM Systems

Architecting real-time cloud collaboration systems

As the digital world continues to evolve, effective communication and collaboration are becoming more important than ever across various industries. In this talk, using cutting-edge and modern technologies for real-time communication, you'll learn how to architect and build a large-scale distributive system that will act as an expandable collaborative desktop environment, capable of handling thousands of users in real-time, allowing them to work together remotely. In the end, you'll be able to apply the concept in engineering any multi-user system that requires a robust state synchronisation.

Mišel Tekinder

Frontend Tech Lead 

Thinking behind JAMStack Architecture

Web evolves at a high pace, so do customer requirements and needs. Let’s dive behind the thinking of one of the most promising stack currently, the JAMStack, and build architecture that will satisfy even the most picky users with the harshest internet connections across the globe.

Marko Arsić

Founder of HypeTech

Age of multi-framework frontends

Multi-framework Frontend allows developers to choose from a variety of frameworks to build web applications, leading to a more flexible and modular approach. This talk explores the benefits and challenges of this approach, including strategies for maintaining code quality and consistency across projects. We'll discuss how to leverage the strengths of multiple frameworks to create innovative solutions and the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. Learn how to thrive in the Age of Multi-Framework Frontends.

Nikola Cvetković

Founder & CEO of Product Hive & MotionOps

Developers’ Roast

In this talk, we’ll take an unconventional and fun look at the software development industry.
We’ll look at the where we were, where we are, and where we’re headed… and how our (developers’) roles are evolving. Touching on some of the common mistakes devs make today from both technical and social aspects, and how hard it is to be you! (I know, it’s a hard knock life! :).
You’ll find some useful takeaways in between the lines.

Jelena Pršić

Fullstack developer at EPAM Systems

Frontend Microservices

Web applications are becoming complex and sometimes managed by different teams. How do you manage different teams, different release timelines, etc.? Complex apps that live on the client-side makes it harder to maintain. We will discuss the idea of Microfrontend applications which is architecture solution trying to solve those issues. We will also discuss it’s advantages, disadvantages, implementation and a lot of other stuff.

Miodrag Ivanović & Najdan Vuković

BI Tech Lead & AI&ML Tech Lead, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Bosch

Estimating Arrival Time in presence of Uncertainty using Machine Learning: Case of Container Tracking for Bosch PT Supply Chain Operations

As a global company, BOSCH Power Tools (BOSCH PT) needs to transport goods and products, meet customers needs and maintain profit margin. Majority of its products are transported by ships, however, due to various challenges carriers have problems meeting deadlines. This induces heavy burden on global operations because each ship being late results in increased costs. To mitigate this, we developed machine learning model provides Estimated Arrival Time (ETA) for each ship carrying BOSCH PT’s containers, which significantly helps BOSCH PT to adjust its daily operations in accordance with sudden and unpredictable changes. Currently, our solution runs on-premise but we are looking forward to extend it to cloud infrastructure.

Jelena Pršić

Fullstack developer at EPAM Systems

Frontend Microservices

Web applications are becoming complex and sometimes managed by different teams. How do you manage different teams, different release timelines, etc.? Complex apps that live on the client-side makes it harder to maintain. We will discuss the idea of Microfrontend applications which is architecture solution trying to solve those issues. We will also discuss it’s advantages, disadvantages, implementation and a lot of other stuff.

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